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29 août 2016 1 29 /08 /août /2016 15:48

Teddy Crispin : Dix Petits Poèmes And More : Kindle : Amazon“My name is Teddy Crispin, as we all know, Teddy comes from the Greek “Theodoros” which means “A Gift from God”, and Crispin is the name of the Patron Saints of shoemakers and leather workers: Saint Crispin and Saint Crispinian.


So I was blessed from birth, with a beautiful and meaningful name, like every Teddy and Theodore and Crispin around the world.


As far as I remember, I was surrounded by books and education, my aunt Françoise was a school director, and during my vocational stay with her in the countryside, I came across all the new school books that she had, and realizing today, how blessed I am, to have been living in such a blessed environment, that built the man that I am today.


As for writing and reading, I have always loved to read and write, my mom had the house filled with books for us, that way, I came across Albertine Sarrazin’s “L’Astragale”, Albert Camus“L’Etranger”, Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Niggers”, Franz Fanon’s “Peau Noire, Masques Blancs”, Daphne du Maurier’s “We’ll Never Be Young Again”, ...


So, a special thank you to my mom, and all those who contributed to what I am today. During my adolescence, I was fascinated by the poetry of Saint-John Perse.


In 1985, I was present at the “Forum of Young Creators” in the “Poetry” category, an event organized by the French Information and Documentation Center for Youth: CIDJ.


In 1988, I was in the French Army where I was an “Opérateur Centraliste”, and I even ended up with the accolade of First Class Soldier. And you know, I really enjoyed my one year duty in the French Army, I learned so much about myself.


In 1989, for an interview of a filmmaker from The Festival of French-Speaking films, I was awarded the “Media Award in Your Country” by the International Union of Young Journalists of the Catholic Press, in Bavaria in Germany. Meeting all those young people there from all over the world, is a high point of my life, I will never forget.


Today I am a performing artist for advertising, film, television…, and a business reviewer of trade fairs with my own blog.


And I am pleased to share with you this delicate bilingual (French/English) little book, DIX PETITS POEMES AND MORE distributed by Kindle Publishing (Amazon), ten little poems on love, faith, nature, Lady Diana (1961-1997), Haiku-like poetry and beautiful quotes that will capture your imagination.”


©2016 Teddy Crispin



Teddy Crispin : Dix Petits Poèmes and More : The Kindle Book (Amazon)

Teddy Crispin : Dix Petits Poèmes and More : Kindle Publishing (Amazon)

Teddy Crispin : Dix Petits Poèmes and More : Kindle Publishing (Amazon)

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Teddy Crispin : Business Reporter

  • Messe Frankfurt Trade Shows Reviewed
  • Messe Frankfurt Trade Shows Reviewed
  • Messe Frankfurt Trade Shows Reviewed

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