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Light & Building 2012 Messe Frankfurt Photo ©2012 Teddy CrispinThe Frankfurt am Main's 2012 Facility Management Trade Fair and Congress, March 6th To March 8th, 2012, at the Messe Frankfurt, in Frankfurt am Main, in Germany.


To begin this article, it is important to explain what Facility Management is about. Facility Management is about :


Document archiving, document destruction, firm mail, mail transportation, fire protection, budget, office space planning, catering, documentation, reception desk, energy management, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration, logistics, modernization, renovation, security, software, cleaning, waste management, (…), all those words familiar to us and that are a part of our daily life.


Drifting not from our subject, 5.047 persons visited the Messe Frankfurt’s 2012 Facility Management trade fair and 498 persons took part to the Messe Frankfurt’s Facility Management Congress.


Among the 169 firms and publishers present at this Facility Management trade fair and congress in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, it is to notice the participation of the following firms:


The firm Bayer MaterialScience in Darmstadt in Germany that the previous year presented and explained to me, what Makrolon is all about:


Makrolon is high-tech polycarbonate that can resist fire, bad weather…, and that is used as bullet resistant glass, and that is also used in the setting up of roof coverings, of cupolas, or as a transparent cover shell for stadiums,(…).


Some buildings making use of the resistance and transparency of Makrolon:


The Justice Palace of Pescara in Italy, the EcoCommercial building of Noida in India, the Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium in China, and the Gdansk’s Baltic Arena Stadium in Poland.


Other firms that were attending the Frankfurt am Main’s 2012 Facility Management Trade Fair:


The firm Jockel, a firm that manufactures carriable fire extinguishers.


Die Deutsche Bahn Services GmbH  : The German Railway Operating Company.


The firm WISAG Facility Service in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, a firm having to do with security, catering, services, upkeeping services for gardens, landscapes maintenance…


The firm Francotyp-Postalia in Birkenwerder in Germany, a firm manufacturing mail franking machines, with solutions for issues having to deal with mail processing: mail inserting systems, software solutions...


The firm Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KG, a firm in Bad Urach in Germany, a firm that manufactures carriable fire extinguishers.


The firm GfS in Hamburg in Germany, a firm dealing with safety management techniques for buildings: door alarm systems, protection against fire...


The firm Van Houtum B.V. from Swalmen in Holland with its line of hygienic paper named Satino Black.


The firm CWS-boco in Dreieich in Germany with its line of job outfits and dirt retaining rugs…


A trade fair is also the opportunity to meet with people representing companies, so I would like to thank the following persons for their collaboration : Mr Peter Schwab : counsel for prevention and protection against fire for Minimax Mobiles Services GmbH & Co. KG, and Mr Mark Bosch : Account Manager for Van Houtum B.V.


©2012 Teddy Crispin


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Facility Management Trade Fair 2012 : The stats :


Firms and publishers : 169Visitors : 5 047 persons



Facility Management congress 2012 :   The stats :


Participants : 498 persons



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Teddy Crispin


Teddy Crispin


Teddy Crispin


Teddy Crispin




Teddy Crispin


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Facility Management Trade Fair 2012 / Fireprotec 2012 (French)

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