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IFFA 2016 Messe Frankfurt : Meat Industry Trade Show
(c)2016 Teddy Crispin

From May 7th to May 12th, 2016 took place at the Messe Frankfurt, the Meat Industry Trade Fair 2016 : IFFA.

The different subjects available at the IFFA 2016 Messe Frankfurt :


Slaughtering technology

Dismembering and processing equipment

Machines and devices for processing of natural and artificial casings

Facilities, accessories and tools for slaughter and processing

Roasting, frying, baking and deep-frying equipment

Boiling and smoking systems

Refrigeration equipment

Automation and handling equipment

Packing equipment

Transport and storage systems

Weighing systems

Foodstuff safety and quality management

Process control, process-control engineering and automation

EDP and IT solutions

Cleaning equipment, operational hygiene and safety at work

Energy management and supply facilities for water, compressed air, gases


Spices and additives for meat and sausage production

Sales - everything for butcher´s shops


During my visit at the IFFA 2016 Messe Frankfurt, I had a chance to meet with NATUR BACK owner Hans K. Möller who was baking himself a bread on his booth, and who kindly offered me the wonderful bread whose picture accompanies this article.


Other people I met during the IFFA 2016 Messe Frankfurt :


Jürgen Steudle : Head of Sales of the firm DICK that manufactures knives and objects related to knives.


Pierre Gavignon : General Manager of the firm STERITECH S.A. from Saverne in France that manufactures machines that keep your products sterile.


Emmanuel Swolfs : Sales Manager Germany/Austria/Switzerland for the firm Dynaco Entrematic from Moorsel-Aalst in Belgium that manufactures high speed doors.


Diego Sousa : Sales Manager for IVO cutelarias from Santa Catarina in Portugal.


Eladio Sánchez Rodríguez from the firm MONTENUEVO in Salamanca in Spain.


Michael Socha : Sales manager for Kahler from Berlin in Germany that manufactures spices and complementary ingredients for the food industry.


Hans Peter Ramsi : Team leader Competence Center Casing for the firm WIBERG GmbH from Salzburg in Austria.


Patrick Robert : Senior Sales Manager for the firm CRETeL from Eeklo in Belgium.


According to the Messe Frankfurt:


More than 63 000 visitors coming from 143 countries attended the IFFA 2016 Messe Frankfurt.


1 027 exhibitors coming from 51 countries were present on the 110 000 square meters of the IFFA 2016 Messe Frankfurt.


The 10 countries having sent the most visitors at IFFA 2016 Messe Frankfurt were Russia, Spain, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, China, The USA, Austria, Australia, and Ukraine.


The next IFFA Messe Frankfurt will be held between May 4th, 2019 to May 9th, 2019.


(c)2016 Teddy Crispin


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